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Why do my windscreen wipers make an awful noise! ?

Just bought a second hand 1999 Primera and the wiper on the drivers side makes an awfully loud sqeak/screech!

I've changed the wiper blade three times (new ones), the glass appears totally clean (no grease or smears). No apparent flaw in the screen either.

Please tell me how to sort this. MikeWhy do my windscreen wipers make an awful noise! ?
this is caused by the blade not turning over at the end of a sweep. You need to twist the wiper arm slightly with an adjustable spanner while supporting the arm with another adjustable to avoid putting strain on the wiper motor rack.Why do my windscreen wipers make an awful noise! ?
Even if your windshield is clean, if it hasn't been maintained, then it still has microscopic nicks and scratches in it from dust, etc. in the wind hitting it repeatedly. Run your hand over the glass. If your hand sort of %26quot;clings%26quot; to the glass and you have a hard time moving your hand across it, then you need to use a product called %26quot;Rain-X,%26quot; or something similar.

Rain-X is silicone based, kind of like a wax for windshields. It'll make your glass super-smooth by filling in all the imperfections. It should take away the noise your wiper is making, and, the rain will roll right off of your windshield.Why do my windscreen wipers make an awful noise! ?
get a new stanly knife blade and check the screen surface for ''bits''....failing that try lifting up the blades and trying it,,,if it still makes a noise change the whole wiper unit inc lincages from a breakers yard car.Why do my windscreen wipers make an awful noise! ?
is it good quality baldes your using and not the cheap ones

the actuall arm that go onto the wiper spindles may be worn and causing the wipers no to make the correct contact with the windscreenWhy do my windscreen wipers make an awful noise! ?
Cheap wiper blades do this fit bosch or similar good quality not ebay cheapies

How do I keep my car's windshield grease/oil free ?

my car's windshield seems to have a thin film of something on it so when it rains at night and I put on the wipers I can hardly see as the wipers seem to spread the film more. I use windscreen cleaning solution and all kinds of glass cleaners and nothing has worked. Even changed the wiper blades twice over 6 months.How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
i own a repair shop,and try cleaning it real good ,and use some rain-x on it,,this stuff really works good ,and it last for a while too,but it will help keep a lot those things from sticking to it,,good luck,i hope this help,s,,and happy thanksgiving.How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
t_man.. I have exactly the same problem on my windshield. The layer spreads and kills visibility before it sublimes on rainy nights. I have tried everything you had tried before you found the right solution. Can you please tell me what you did?

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How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
use a grease remover(like %26quot;simple green%26quot;) and then glass cleaner... also if it is an older car go visit your local Napa Store and try %26quot;innovision%26quot; wiper blades. They are awesome. Some older cars wiper arms loose tension and so the innovisions are designed to make tighter contact with windshield....How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
It might be your washer fluid that is the issue. My dad used a can of Coca Cola after visiting the beach to remove the film!

Anyway, I use a mixture of dishsoap and alcohol, which is used in eye glass cleaner. Most all commercial products use alcohol in their products as well. At the very least, clean your glass with straight alcohol to break down the film and then use Rain X which does indeed work well and for a long period of time.

Good luck.How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
yeah, Rain-X is magical stuff. God bless the inventor of it. One time, my windshield wiper motor stopped working so I couldn't use the wipers. I went and bought Rain-X and wiped it on kind of heavy. After that, I didn't even need to repair the wiper motor, the Rain-X was that good. Though, I must say I don't recommend/endorse you to do the same thing. Maybe I was just lucky....I think so. I only did it because I didn't have the time or money to repair the motor.

How to change window wipers on a hyundai accent 2000?

advice on replacing front window wipers , not just the rubbers would be appreciated.ihave purchased a wiper blade set, but am a little apprehensive about doing the job.How to change window wipers on a hyundai accent 2000?
The box containing your new blades should have instructions, even illustrations on how to change the blades. If it doesn't, better have a mechanic do it. Watch and remember how he did it so you can do it the next time.How to change window wipers on a hyundai accent 2000?
I also have a Hyundai Acccent. Thanks for the answer but I came across this other site and it was really helpful. You guys should really check it out, it answered every question I had and more. [;

The site is:

Good luck with all your questions! %26lt;3

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How to change window wipers on a hyundai accent 2000?
if you are replacing the whole wiper arm, the majority of cars only have a nut holding each one on. just undo the nut, take the arm off and put the new on in the same position as the old one.

How do I get a wiper arm off?

I just bought a Peugeot 406 `98 estate. Some previous idiot changed the wiper blades to opposite sides. There is a 22 inch %26amp; a 24 inch. I could tell right away that the longest should be on the driver`s side. I checked my theory out on another identical car.

Thing is the same idiot put a clip in the long one so I can`t just swap the blades.

I need to get the entire arm off in order to try to get the clip off.

I upped the bonnet %26amp; undid the securing nut, but the arm wouldn`t just lift up off the thread as I thought it would.

Is there some kind of secret to getting the damn thing off?

I`m afraid to pry it.

I need help, please.How do I get a wiper arm off?
if you really think the arm need to come off...the nut pushes it onto a spline...its like a post with small grooves and as the nut is tightened it clamps the blade so it won't rotate.which when you think about it is prise it off with a screwdriver blade from the lower part...carefully...your fingers and the windscreen ar not far away....having said all that....l think they do not need taking off...just undo the wipers from the the end of the metal arm..usually they snap in place the plastic bit has a little spigot on it which need releasing.using a tiny screwdriver.then swap the blades...and cool off prior to starting...if you get angry with cars..they bite the manual before starting to check you are right....just suppose you are not..eating words is no fun...How do I get a wiper arm off?
just try and get a small screw driver under neath and gently lever it up off the splinesHow do I get a wiper arm off?
it should pull off without taking the wiper arm off, look for U shaped plastic clip and pull it outwardsHow do I get a wiper arm off?
you need to pry it off, the spindle that the arm is attached to is knurled,it has cogs like a gear around the face of it,the arm has the same things.When thee arm is pushed onto the spindle the %26quot;gears%26quot; slide between each other.How do I get a wiper arm off?
after the securing nut, the other people are pretty much right, it fits into grooves...a screwdriver on the undernieth of it will help, but also, an old body shop trick is to bend the wiper back a little bit, to help relieve the pressure, then pull and wiggle it free.How do I get a wiper arm off?
Here's a trick when you don't have a tool called a %26quot;puller%26quot; to get tapered splined shafts apart: Put the nut back on, but BE SURE it's backed off several turns. The reason is that we want to protect the threads on the shaft. Now, GENTLY hit the nut squarely with a hammer while pulling the wiper arm toard you. This tapping will usually do the trick - hit the area with a lubricant (WD40 here in the states). I had to do EXACTLY the same thing with my Citroen CX (yes, there are about 50 of them in the USA) in order to get it off to restore it.

Good luck...remember: Gently!How do I get a wiper arm off?
Go to a safari park and let the monkeys do it.How do I get a wiper arm off?
As every one has aleady said the reason it will not budge is that it is on splines and will need some gentle pursuading off being careful not touch the bottom off the windscreen.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?

I Drive a 99' VW Jetta (New body style) and I cracked my windshield when I was changing my wiper blades I need to replace it but I have no Idea how much something like that could runDoes anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
$100-$150Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
around 300$,dealer more expensive.go to body shop and use not vw part will be cheaperDoes anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
It depend on the windshild and if your insurance will cover it that is if you have insurance that covers it. we got ours fixed estimated around 250 to 300 but since we had insurance cost us nothing.

good luck make sure you get qoutes from more then one place and see if they match prices. and sometimes going to a specialist is cheaper then a dealer.Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
You can buy one for about 100$ (mine for my Kia Sephia cost me 112$). A tube of glue costs about 10, and a couple hours of hard work and broken glass all over the place. Call Triumph auto glass, they are good and cheap.Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
if you go to you can get a price qoute from a repair shop in your area. It my cost some where around $275-300Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
Call you insurance company first. You may be covered. In some states, it is state law that companies cover cracked windshields.Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
shop around my friend.all glass is the same just find the best deal...Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a cracked front windshield?
before you buy anything, call your insurance company and see if you have glass coverage. not all winshields cost the same. also beware of the shops that come to your door to do replacements, especially in cold weather. in shop repairs at an established auto glass shop are recomended., and they usually have a good rate for non insured drivers.
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  • Changing wiper baldes on renault Clio 1997?


    Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to get the old wiper blades off my 1997 renault clio and how to get the new ones on.

    I thought it would be pretty straight forward, however, I've been unable to do it.

    Thank you allChanging wiper baldes on renault Clio 1997?
    Yes, but the mechanism may be tight with traffic film. If it makes it any easier take the arm off the spindle so you can manoevre the whole set up more easily.

    I've yet to figure out how to fit those new floppy blades.Changing wiper baldes on renault Clio 1997?
    Where the blade clicks into the arm there should be a little tang that holds the wiper on to the arm. pull down on the tang and pull the blade off the hook.Changing wiper baldes on renault Clio 1997?
    Lift the wiper arm off the window and turn the wiper blade at 90 degrees to it,some have a little clip that you press,but it should just slide off as you press down.Hope this helps

    Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?

    Im 15, and Ill be 16 In June. I need to get a job and start saving for a car. I want to learn more about cars, but my school doesn't have a automotive program anymore. So I figured I could maybe make money, and learn about cars at the same time. I was thinking about AutoZone or something because I had a relative who worked there and basically said if you can change wiper blades, headlights, and use a computer your good. But I dont know if this is true or not, also I dont know how old you have to be. But anyway ya, If anyone knows any places that hire 15 year olds, and have to do with Automotive please let me know. I dont care if its oil shop, tire shop, muffler, cleaning oil off the floor I dont care. As long as theres money, and car stuff involved. Thanks for reading this.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    You could try your local garages for some part time clean up, or a used car lot, most places need you to be 16 and are resrtricted on how many hours you can get. Ask your school counselor they may have papers to fill out to get permision to work. Also they may have a few good leads for you. Best bet is to ask everyone everywhere.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    well u could try car shops i need a good job to does any one no of a job for a 15 year old if to let me no at thx

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    Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    autozone or NAPA or another place like that would be a great place to learn about cars and stuff, while making money. go down to your local NAPA or autozone and ask if they have any positions for you to start in. if they do, then great, if not, keep looking. good luck.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    i don't know where you are from. even if you are 5,you can get an opportunity learn it in india, but now a days it has been classified as child labour so you do not get paid.even when get paid i doubt if would be enough to buy a spark plug,let alone a carAutomotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    Wash cars

    Detail (clean inside) carsAutomotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    my little brother started work in nationwide autocentre at 15 he has been there a year and loves it go to your local garage and ask them if they want a newbieAutomotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    Heeeeeyyyyy!!! Im 15 too but i wont be 16 till next year but email me when you find a job because i have that same problem. They only have automotive classes at the continuation highschool around here but im interested in cars, not Nedicine and all that stuff.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    try working at an oil and lube place.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    Check local car dealers.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    y do u wnt to do a job.

    by d way u can try for a sales executive.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    you can apply for an OJT in any car dealer as an apprentice.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    Try some shops in your area, we can hire 15 year olds here to change oil, then in years they can learn alot. Try some national chain shops in your area and see if they are hiring lube techs. Good luckAutomotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    If you are really interested in working at AutoZone, go into the store and ask to speak to the manager. Explain you goals to him(her). The worst they can say is you are too young come back later, HOWEVER they may give you the chance. If it doesn't work out, try some used car lots. you may be able to start washing cars and work your way up and as you work there you may get a better deal on a car.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    sounds rediculous, but how about a car wash. you do learn minor mechanics and stuff so try that.Automotive Jobs For 15 Year Old?
    w2ash cars in a repairshop fo spending money and lear by watching good mechs work on cars